Working From Home, Our Point Of View

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With the arrival of COVID 19, we have all had to re-think how we work and where we work from. This has lead to large numbers of people now working from home.

With new business-friendly technology, jobs that were always believed to be unsuitable and unsustainable outside of the office. This has not only been proven to be possible but in some case more effectively executed.  Having said that – I rather think that it depends on your personal circumstances and your own disposition that determines how comfortable and productive you are when working from home.

Benefits of working from home?

No commute: Well, there is no doubt that not having to endure the morning commute is a god-send for many people.

Easy Start: We can get up at a more reasonable hour. Have breakfast at our own pace and ease in to the working day while still wearing our slippers!

Work: Team meetings, 1-2-1’s, client appointments can all still continue on a virtual platforms. The daily functions of many businesses can continue with very little interruption – in theory.

Technology: As long as you have a stable internet connection, you can share information, do presentations and many more wonderful things. So, the internet now has to be regarded more as a utility – a necessity, rather than a luxury.

Reduce stress: There is less stress in certain respects. Less in the way of office politics, rushing to get to work or stress of getting home late, if you need to put in extra time.

Convenience: You are close to the loo and the kitchen and you don’t have to share them with anyone outside of your household.

For some, working from home has been an enjoyable experience. So much so, that they don’t really want to have to go back to the rat-race of early mornings, long commutes and rush hour traffic and that’s before the working day begins!

Challenges of working from home?

Working from home can be fine, unless the environment is not conducive to actually getting on with the work itself!

Children: Small children in particular, do not understand that once the door is closed, you are at work. As you know they want to see you regardless of what you are doing. 

Family members: People wandering in and interrupt to ask random stuff because you’re there and they don’t have to wait for you to come home. 

Pets: Pets can definitely get in the way (if you go by all the memes on social media). They like demanding attention, interrupting you mid task, asking to go out or to be fed and so on.

Isolation: You may not like flying solo from home.  A lot of people feel unsupported, because they can’t just turn to a colleague or manager for minor queries like they would at work. 

Mental Health: Working from home can feel confining. The lack of contact with the outside world can lead to a lack of confidence, depression and a down turn in your output. If you’re suffering form mental health then there are many charities that could help, including Mind.

Designated Space: It can be difficult to create a workspace for yourself if you don’t have room at home. This makes it more difficult to feel organised and motivated.

My Experience

For me personally, when I have worked from home, I enjoy the freedom of;

not having to rush out the door early

not having to wear smart clothes

being able to nip to the kitchen for a snack or go to the loo without being monitored. not that my current company do that!

On the downside

My husband is already working from home, so our office/third bedroom is taken So, I don’t have a proper space to work from which is sometimes annoying.

I quite often end up in the lounge, using the sofa as my office. Which, may add, is not the most organised way to work.

It is also difficult to manage those times when you lack motivation.  It is a lot harder to resist slacking off when there is no one else there.

On the whole, it must be said, I quite like working from home. However, I probably wouldn’t want to do it 5 days a week.

Is working from the home the future?

Maybe the way forward is a hybrid of home and workplace working, giving us;

The structure and interaction we need, while also giving us.

Days where we don’t have the stress of the morning rush.

More quality time with our families instead of staying late and facing standstill traffic on our way home. 

A new way of getting the most out of ourselves because we have more of a balance in how we work and live. 

Looking at it from a Mortgage Industry perspective, we can naturally achieve that balance, by having client appointments. Where possible these can be face to face if they are local. We can also receive visits from colleagues and Business Development Managers, while keeping our independence and having full autonomy over how and when we work. Who knows, it could work across many other industries as well!

If you are a mortgage broker and considering working from home, visit our careers page and get in touch.

Written by Cat Rivers, Robin Mortgage Design.

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