Spring Time Decoration

April is National Decorating Month. I know right, who knew. And there is no better time than Spring to spruce up your home. Whether you are planning a house move and want to refresh your home to get the best value. Or stay put and have a fresh place to relax. This blog will hopefully give you some ideas.

No matter what look you’re going for, whether it’s sleek modern, more of a bohemian vibe or something more industrial, the possibilities are endless. We’ve rounded up our favourite Spring-Style home décor tips, tricks and ideas that are full of Springtime design inspiration. 

Springtime Beginnings: Sunny, Bright New Starts 

National Decorating Month happens to start during spring and for a good reason. The weather begins to warm, flowers & trees begin to bloom, and the whole world generally begins to wake up again. All this tends gives us the perfect opportunity to start on some well needed spring cleaning.  

So without delay, here are some really quick, simple and easy ways to bring springtime into your home: 

The Spring Clean: 

Start to rid your home of the clutter accumulating on shelves and tabletops. Instead try replacing it with lighter, more refreshed decor that adds a touch of brightness into your home.  

Floral Finishes: 

A great way to spruce up your home during this time is to position vases with fresh flowers throughout. 

Let that Light in: 

Lighter or transparent blinds, sheer curtains, or something similar, are a good pick during these brighter days as they can increase the amount of daylight coming into a room whilst keeping your privacy protected. 

Decorating Tips: DIYs for all Year Round 

If you’re looking for something more permanent, we found some cheap and easy ways to refresh the rooms in your home, so you didn’t have to!

Do-Up the Front Door:  

After all, first impressions count! If you’re bored of seeing the same old dreary door, try transforming it with a lick of glossy paint. If you’re looking for a cooler feel, try a soft blue. Maybe you’re looking to make a statement: red is your go to! If you’re looking for something warmer, orange, or yellow are sure to bring you joy.

Put effort into that Entry: 

Walking into your home should be a welcoming experience for you as well as your guests. Think about a stylish table for your keys, and a hallway mirror to check yourself out before you leave. Beauty and function can co-exist if you put a little thought into it!  

Switch Up that Seating:  

Does something feel off about your living room? Maybe your seating is misplaced. Aim to create an atmosphere of balance and intimacy by arranging your furniture in a way that encourages conversation rather than making the tele the centre piece your room.  

If possible, have a cosy conversation area that is arranged in a U-Shape with a sofa and two chairs facing each other at opposite ends of a coffee table.  

You can also try the H-Shape set up, again placing a coffee table in the middle with a sofa directly across from two chairs.

Pictures Courtesy of: 1https://www.dimensions.com/tags/seating 

U Shape layout of furniture
H Shape layout of furniture

Hang a mirror up to reflect Light: 

A mirror can reflect light when positioned correctly, which can make a room appear alot brighter. A common mistake made is placing mirrors parallel to windows, which bounces that much needed light straight back out! Instead, try placing your mirror perpendicularly to the window to bounce the light around the room, creating a bigger, brighter environment.  

Focus on a focal point:

Add something that will be a statement piece! In a living room, try decorating your fireplace. If you don’t have one, try creating a faux one! In the hallway, add a bold carpet runner. In a kitchen, add a gorgeous tile backsplash.  

Fix Up or update the furniture:

Try changing up chairs and tables. Is your dining area is looking dull? Try upcycling your furniture to give it a new lease of life.  

Decorate your ceiling:

Walls and Floors are often the first parts of a space we think about when designing it, but we can also give our ceiling some attention too! It’s easy to make a ceiling come alive with a zingy wallpaper or bold paint colour and since having a ceiling decorated with a striking colour or print is so unexpected, it’s a sure way to make a statement. 

As the saying goes: Emphasize what you cannot hide:  

We often overlook the unique architectural and design components of a room but try to pay attention to what you have. Does your home feature an old floor, an oddly placed column, or a slanted ceiling you just don’t know what to do with? Our instincts are often to disguise the imperfections in a space, but why not work with what you have and highlight them instead? After all, old features add character.  

Mix and match: 

If you’re looking to create a dynamic space, consider pairing items that don’t match ‘perfectly’. Try blending a juxtaposition of materials, textures, periods, and styles for a funkier feeling. The more time reflecting on your room plan, the better the outcome! 

A splash of sentiment: 

Incorporate items you already own instead of buying new items to create a space that feels like yours. Make use of the items you already have by making them pride pieces in your décor. Whether it be travelling souvenirs, family heirlooms or just some important trinkets.  

Collection clutter: 

Think about turning the items you collect into décor for your home. Not only will you be showcasing your collection, you’ll also be adding a tonne of personality to your home. Whatever you choose is bound to look great in your home providing it’s yours and you love it!  

Take your time: 

Keep in mind the space doesn’t have to be fully decorated in slog. It takes time to create a space, so leave some room for it to evolve, after all, you want it to feel perfect! You can layer items in as you find them. Smaller, simpler decorating choices will maximise your chances of coming up with something great and lessen the chances of becoming overwhelmed. You’re bound to come up with something perfect to suit your perfect home. 

Finally, If all that doesn’t get you going, have you got the space or budget to get the builders in? Knock a wall through, change the location of the rooms such as bathrooms, open up larger spaces or build new rooms.

If there is something that you would like to do for your home, but don’t have the savings to do it, you might want to consider utilising the equity in your home. A remortgage can release funds to help with these improvements and depending on your age, you could take the term up to 40 years, spreading out that cost, if needed.

We hope this blog has given you some inspiration about your home and wish you the best with your renovations. Should you wish to discuss the possibility of raising capital, please call us on 0333 242 2363 or email hello@robinpartnership.co.uk.

Good Luck!

Written by Layla-Jade Perrins


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